Military Tungsten Heavy Alloy Rod

Military Tungsten Alloy Picture

Tungsten heavy alloy is increasingly adopted in tungsten alloy defense as the raw material to make parts of military products, such as bullet, armor and shells, shrapnel head, grenade, hunting gun, bullet warheads, bulletproof vehicles, tank panzers, cannons, firearms, etc. A major use for tungsten heavy alloy is in kinetic energy penetrators, where they are in direct competition with depleted uranium (DU). Recent investigations conducted at the Army Research Laboratory show that DU's superior properties resulted from its ability to localize shear during ballistic penetration events.

What is Tungsten Alloy Rod?
Tungsten alloy rod is produced by pressing and sintering into billets, which are worked by rolling or swaging into rod. Smaller sizes are produced by subsequent drawing. Tungsten rod is produced in straight random lengths with a smooth swaged surface at diameters 3mm and larger, and with a smooth drawn finish below 3mm. A center less-ground finish can also be furnished. Specific lengths and special fabrications can be supplied upon request.

We can offer the tungsten heavy alloy rod for military usage, such as bomblet, armor-piercing bullet, etc. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our customers in the design of individual specifications. Our mission is to meet individual customer requirements. Flexibility is our strength. We pride ourselves on being able to find the right solution to customer's problems. Owing to its terrific hardness and resistance to increased temperature, tungsten adopted in army defense progressively today.

The normal tungsten alloy rod after swaging, ultimate tensile strength would be increased greatly. The ultimate tensile strength of general tungsten alloy rod is 1050 MPa . However, after swaging, the ultimate tensile strength can reach 1200 MPa min, we could even control at 1400 MPa. This type of rod is one of our main products. Tungsten alloy swaging rod can be use in military defense, such as depleted uranium penetrators, bullet, armor piercing, rifle bullet, snipe rifle penetrator, etc.

Applications for Tungsten Rod
These kinds of rods could be machined further, which are usually used to making the parts of counterweight, radiation shielding, military tungsten alloy defense appliance, welding rod, extrusion die, also for some sports fields, such as darts, billets, golf club, etc. As its high density, high melting point, small capacity, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, etc, tungsten alloy rod is increasingly welcomed by public. Tungsten alloy tubes are mainly used in the military industry, the aerospace, mechanical manufacture, medical shielding, petroleum and sporting balance, etc.